About Me

My name is Jason Ragatz.

I created this site as a simple blog in early 2008 in order to provide myself--still a college freshman back then--with a platform for my thoughts and opinions. Early on, I wasn't really sure what I wanted this blog to be; my first post was a movie review and I have made several posts about various sports topics. Video games were also always a part of this early mix, but as my affinity for the medium grew throughout college, so too did my blog become increasingly focused on--and eventually dedicated to--video games. This has included a variety of types of articles over the blog's history, but since the last redesign in 2009 I have focused on differentiating my style of writing from what is perpetuated on many of the gaming sites on the internet. For one thing, this meant a game review that treated its subject as an artistic work and analyzed as such; my reviews are not wordy overtures that sound like official press releases,  but rather a concise look at the actual substance and execution of a given game's underlying ideas. Sometimes--partially due to time constraints and a sluggish publication pace--I took this idea of "conciseness" further with what I called the "Bite-Size Review." I strove to make my posts different from the flavor that was already out there, and that included a lot of editorials on the medium, industry, and business of games. I have since mostly moved away from The Paradigm-Shifting Blog and posted most of my written content at Nerds on the Rocks, where I am the primary reviews and editorial writer for video games.

Now, I embark on the latest re-definition of this website. For the foreseeable future, I'll continue to simply publish my articles on Nerds on the Rocks while this blog morphs into more of a personal venture with fewer obligations and less of an exclusive focus on games. Soon, that will include a complete and total rebranding as I convert this site into my own personal platform for the future.

For anyone who has ever read any post on this blog, you have my humble thanks for your support. I'm working really hard to evolve this website and I can't wait to share that all with you very soon.